“I can’t recommend Little Bees highly enough”

“Thank you so much for all the love and care you have shown H. over the past year. We will miss you! To anyone considering Little Bees as their childminder I would say – you could not wish for a happier setting for your little one – and you! Our H. was with Ewelina + Chris from age 18 to 32 months over which time her confidence has bloomed- I believe the family sized group social environment plays a large part in this – but also the fantastic range of activities they get up to – ranging from art, singing and dancing, dressing up, messy play, outdoor play, trips to the park to name just a few. From a parent’s perspective I have always found Ewelina + Chris to go above and beyond what I expected – and what I experienced with other childminders and even nannies. Home-cooked meals, daily photos, flexible hours, some picks-up and drop-offs and even overnight stay all such a great support when you and your partner are working full time. Ewelina + Chris have also always been a great support for us through a difficult family time and their daily observations have been an invaluable help in managing H.’s behaviour and anxiety through a period of change for us. Communication has always been easy and excellent on a day to day level on if H. was unwell. But also on a development level – I have never really felt like I have been missing her growing up – the Little Bees photo site, the weekend goodie bag of favourite books on loan and updates from Chris and Ewelina on H. progress talking, singing, learning etc. Over the past year have all made me feel involved – and relaxing and able to get on with my day job safe in the knowledge that H. is getting the best care. I can’t recommend Little Bees highly enough – they’ve been outstanding.”

“Genuine thanks for the care you have shown him”

“R. has loved every minute, to the extent that he can’t wait to jump out of his dad's arms and shut the door on him every morning! Living in E5 we had to search further than we would originally expect, but the accommodating parking space has meant it’s been brilliant. Thank so much for the foresight to offer it to us. It made the difference. The family approach with pets thrown in is a lovely environment for R. to spend his time in and we love to see documented weekly online picture updates. Genuine thanks for the care you have shown him.”

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done with our son”

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done with our son, C. He loves Little Bees, seems to have loads of fun there – I enjoy looking at the photos each week to get a glimpse of what he's been up to. He settled really fast, Ewelina + Chris are great, really caring, kind and fun – C. second parents basically, we were lucky to find them and sad that we have to move him, as we are moving out of the area. We are very grateful for everything they have done for C. and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who asks. Little Bees will be missed.”

“We feel so lucky to have found a great couple to take care of our daughter”

“We feel so lucky to have found a great couple to take care of our daughter I. She has been with since she was 5 months old and she's grown in a happy and loving environment. Every morning she stands by the door and is always ready for daycare. You are like a second family to I. and she really loves you both as well as Amelia and Filip. We love the pictures on the website and the large of activities you organise for the kids. She always brings home crafts and she is very proud. We cannot thank you enough for caring such a loving environment for her.”

“Words cannot describe how much we appreciate and love what you do for us daily”

“What can we say absolutely fantastic brilliant. Wonderful environment for our son E. We are so lucky to have a wonderful couple who looks after our son as if he was theirs. The fact that they have children of their own who help in the development of our little one is a bonus. We feel confident leaving E. and knowing that each day is an adventure at Little Bees. The photos of the activities of E. and his friends who he always mentions when he gets home. Little Bees is a home away from home for E. and we are thrilled that E. is developing so well and even learning Polish. Love you little bees you are the best, words cannot describe how much we appreciate and love what you do for us daily!”